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How to Fix Step 2 Error on YouTube


Many YouTubers face the frustrating Step 2 Error when trying to connect their Adsense account to YouTube for monetization. This error message reveals that your associated Adsense account has been disapproved, requiring you to solve issues related to program policies and resubmit your request. However, finding information about YouTube monetization can be challenging. In this blog, we will discuss our personal experience with the Step 2 Error and provide advice on how to fix it.

Understanding the Step 2 Error

The Step 2 Error message states that your associated Adsense account was disapproved. While most Adsense policies primarily apply to websites, there is little guidance specifically related to YouTube monetization. Many YouTubers encounter the Step 2 Error due to the presence of a duplicate account on Adsense. To resolve this, it is crucial to delete the old Adsense account before associating a new one with your YouTube channel. Failure to do so will result in Google considering it a duplicate attempt, triggering the Step 2 Error message.

Our Unique Situation

Initially, we created an individual Adsense account under my personal name and successfully connected it to our YouTube channel without any issues. However, things changed when we decided to establish a business company for all our YouTube ventures. I created a separate business Adsense account for YouTube monetization, listing the organization name and my name as the contact person. I then disconnected my individual Adsense account from YouTube and submitted a request to connect our business Adsense account to our YouTube channel.

The Rejections and Confusion

Unfortunately, we received a rejection email from Google a few days later. The generic email mentioned multiple potential reasons, including the presence of a duplicate Adsense account. This perplexed us because our individual and business accounts were separate entities. While my name appeared in both accounts, the business account was registered under the organization name, not my personal name. Determined to resolve the issue, I closed my individual Adsense account and resubmitted the request to connect our business account to YouTube.

Surprisingly, we received another rejection after five days, leaving us clueless about the problem. Thankfully, we had access to the YouTube partner program’s chat support at that time, as contacting Adsense directly is currently impossible. We contacted YouTube through their chat support, and they created a ticket for us, redirecting it to the Adsense internal team. However, it took over three weeks for them to solve our problem without providing any specific details about the issue.

Lessons Learned

From our experience, we have drawn several valuable lessons for YouTubers facing the Step 2 Error:

1. Check for Duplicate Accounts

Ensure that no duplicate Adsense accounts exist before connecting anything new. However, be aware that merely deleting your old account may not immediately resolve the problem. It appears that Google requires a waiting period of several weeks for the closure of an Adsense account.

2. Contact YouTube Chat Support

If you encounter the Step 2 Error and lack access to YouTube chat support, your options may be limited. Some YouTubers have resorted to transferring ownership of their channels to individuals with chat support access, which can be risky. Consider reaching out to someone you trust, such as a monetized YouTuber, to explore this option cautiously.

3. Consider Establishing a Business Company

If you are contemplating forming a business company for your YouTube channel, now may be the time to do so. As our experience illustrates, resolving issues with Adsense can be an extended process. Waiting over three weeks to regain monetization can result in substantial foregone revenues, making it essential for high-earning YouTubers to plan accordingly.

4. Choosing the Right Contact Name

When opening a business Adsense account, consider listing someone else’s name as the contact person. This individual should not have previously opened an Adsense account under their name. For multi-member companies, including the name of another co-owner as the contact person may prevent Google Adsense rejections due to duplicate accounts.


Our Step 2 Error journey was ultimately resolved thanks to YouTube’s chat support team, who provided excellent assistance and kept us informed throughout the process. We hope that this video has helped you navigate your YouTube monetization strategy. If you found it helpful, please consider liking and subscribing to our channel, where we regularly share travel guides, photography tutorials, and other valuable tips for YouTubers. Thank you for watching!

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