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TikTok's bow trend has become absurd

TikTok's bow trend has become absurd

Do you want to go viral on TikTok right now? Take some pink ribbon and a random object. A roll of toilet paper, a houseplant, or a kosher dill spear would be suitable. Tie it in a bow and film. Post the video online, and voila.

In recent weeks, placing bows at the wrong places has become a much-discussed topic on social media platforms. The popular TikTok video shows ribbons wrapped around a bowl of macaroni and cheese, a knife, and a Chick-fil-A order. Another showed what at first glance appeared to be a bowl of grain – but instead of grain, it's just a bowl of bows.

If you can name it, someone has probably tied a bow on it.

The online trend has come about in response to the bow's recent popularity in fashion and pop culture.

Sierra Palian, a 22-year-old nanny in Washington, DC, recently posted an 8-second video showing a glass of ice water sitting on top of a table. It's shot from above, and features three floating snowflakes tied into a pink bow.

Like some other bow videos, Ms. Palian's was set to “Let the Light In,” a dreamy love song by Lana Del Rey, whose personal style is known for being traditionally feminine and featuring heavy bows.

Ice Cube's video has received over 11 million views on TikTok. Ms. Palian said it was meant as a commentary on the coquette aesthetic, a style she described as girlish, soft, delicate and often marked by pastels.

“It's a way to express your femininity, but in a very self-conscious way,” she said. “It's extremely feminine, but there's also an awareness of it. This is not a strange culture.”

The Ice Cube video and others like it are part of a “massive inside joke” described by Ms. Palian.

“I saw a comment that talked about how melting snowflakes represent how female beauty is viewed in society,” she said. “And I was like, 'Wow, this is pretty deep.'”

Chrissy Trovato, who works in influencer marketing for a jewelry company, said she was inspired to create a bow video of her own after a few people visited her For You page. Noticing that she had some pink ribbon left over from a work event, she tied bows on her TV remote and other random objects in her Manhattan apartment. Then he took out his phone and made their video.

In their 10-second video, also set to Ms. Del Rey's “Let the Light In,” the tilted objects take on an otherworldly form. Ms Trovato, 25, captioned the video “Coquette Girl”.

He said the act of tying bows on everyday objects and filming them for social media videos could mimic the way the Internet invents and spreads trends at a rapid pace. He cited the spread this year of so-called Blueberry Milk NailsA nail polish trend that started on TikTok this year, thanks in part to its catchy descriptor.

“We don’t need to have a name for everything,” Ms. Trovato said. “I think it could poke fun at a lot of the trends that are out there.”

One question remains: Do the recent absurd bow videos signal the end of bows?

“I hope not,” Ms. Palian said. “I see many people getting a bow tattoo On his body.”



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