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Elon Musk says Twitter will change its logo

Elon Musk said he was about to make one of the most visible changes to Twitter since his took control The social media company last replaced its widely recognized bird logo.

one in do On Sunday morning Eastern Time, Mr. Musk said that “soon we will slowly say goodbye to the Twitter brand and all the birds.”

He couple Shortly after, “If a cool X logo is posted tonight,” it will “go live worldwide tomorrow.”

“X” is a term Mr Musk described as an “everything app” that could combine social media, instant messaging and payment services, similar to the popular Chinese app WeChat.

mr musk Where is Buying Twitter Is “An Accelerator To Make X” And The Corporate Entity They’ve Created purchase and control Twitter is called X Holdings.

Speaking on a Twitter audio livestream early Sunday, Mr Musk said he was changing Twitter’s logo. “This should have happened a long time ago,” he said. “Sorry it took so long.”

A few hours later, Mr Musk said in an email to Twitter employees that “we are indeed turning into X” and that it was happening “today”. “This is my last message from Twitter email,” he wrote before signing off with a salute emoji.

Mr. Musk has few constraints on making such changes to the company after taking it private as part of his acquisition of the company. But he may still face resistance from the banks that have given him billions of dollars in loans and the private investors he has brought into the deal, which could raise concerns about giving up one of Twitter’s most visible assets.

The company saw its advertising revenue happen by chance amid the departure of sales executives and concerns that the site has become plagued with problematic content. Now it faces a well-funded rival in Threads recently introduced A Twitter-like service from Facebook owner Meta.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Musk has had a longstanding fondness for the letter X. He co-founded it in 1999., an online bank, and later merged with another start-up to form PayPal. In 2017 he said that Repurchased domain from paypal.

Mr Musk hasn’t always followed through on his public pronouncements, such as when he did Tweeted that the company will make a Content Moderation Council To decide what type of speech is acceptable on the site.

But he has gone ahead in changing some Twitter practices, such as end free verification Prime users’ accounts are marked with a white and blue check mark, and instead users are charged a subscription fee for the check mark.

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