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How to explore Google's Android 14 and Apple's iOS 17

How to explore Google's Android 14 and Apple's iOS 17

As the year is coming to an end, many avid smartphone users haven't had a chance to explore the major updates to Google and iPhone operating systems that arrived this autumn. As soon as you finally get a reprieve – or maybe even a new phone as your gift – why not start with some of the more personally appealing features that can help you easily android 14 Or ios 17, Here are some highlights.

Google's Android 14 release was largely focused on improvements Security and accessibility features, But Google has also added new methods to it customize Phone screen with new wallpapers, app widgets and shortcuts. To get started, open the Settings app, select Wallpapers & Styles and make your choices to personalize your device.

Apple has lots of options ios 17 wallpaper settingsBut with last week's iOS 17.2 updateUsers can get deeply personal in a different way with this new journal app included with the software; it's also in the app store, Journal is a free digital diary for recording thoughts and feelings through text, images and topic suggestions. You can back up your encrypted entries to your iCloud account, where you get the first five gigabytes of free online storage from Apple starts charging,

Apple's Multimedia Journal is similar to third-party apps first day And Travel, which has free and paid premium versions. Although Google hasn't yet added its own dedicated Diary app to Android, some people use the company's free Keep And docs Apps for their intense moments.

Image-based search adds another dimension to activities like shopping, visiting museums, traveling or walking around the city. apple exists visual look up The feature to identify objects in photos gets a boost in iOS 17 and now works on videos too. To use it, simply open a photo or pause a video on your phone and tap the Info icon (third from the left) at the bottom of the screen. If more information is available about the image subject, tap Look Up to view search results.

(Another trick with Visual Look Up: When you see a bright white outline around the main object in a photo, tap it to open a pop-up menu. Choose add sticker To save a silhouetted copy of the object that you can send in a message or insert from iPhone emoji keyboard,

google lensintroduced in 2017, has become increasingly more accurate with the pairing of object recognition and relevant Internet search results. Let's say you are in a museum and need more information The artwork you are viewing with your phone's camera. Tap the nearby Google Lens icon to see articles rounded up by Google Search.

Google Lens works on still photos and objects exported frames From the video clip. It is available as a android app But it has been integrated elsewhere, including into the stand-alone Google app Android And iOS,

both from apple visual look up And google lens Can recognize, copy, and translate text in images you view through the camera. Check each company's privacy policy if you have data-collection concerns.

Android's developers have been hiding little surprises in the system's code for years, and this year's update brings a hidden game. To highlight this, open the Settings app and scroll down to About phone. Tap it and then tap Android version.

On the next screen, quickly tap three times on the Android version to start the game. On the game screen, press and hold the Android 14 logo until the phone starts to vibrate and a small spaceship appears. Press your finger on the screen to get steering controls and use the position information in the corner to fly to different stars.

Apple's iOS 17 includes one to support Feature that turns the iPhone lock screen into a smart display to show the time, temperature, photos, music, recipes, and other apps. When enabled in iPhone Settings, standby mode turns on when the phone is charging and stationary in a horizontal screen orientation.

If you don't care about the default widgets, press and hold your finger on either side of the screen to choose new widgets from the list of standby-compatible options. The Night Mode option in Settings turns the screen red if you decide to use the phone as a bedside clock.




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