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The fine art of naming a group chat

Ashley Kozich, 30, who works for a community foundation and lives in Fort Lauderdale, set up a group chat with eight of her best friends, whom she met while a student at the University of Mississippi. Many of them have had babies in the past year, so they now highlight the most recently born child as a group photo.

But the group has made a name that’s here to stay: “The Sorry People.” Ms. Kozich said, “In college we were a very rowdy group of girls, and we caused chaos and trouble wherever we went.” “In the morning we have to go on these apology tours and apologize for whatever we did.”

The name has developed a life of its own, he said. “That’s been our name for over 10 years, and people ask us, ‘How forgiving are people?'” she said. “I don’t think we can be told anything else.”

Indeed, many names that originated in group chats are now being used in other settings.

Tim Monaghan, 39, a publicist, started a group chat with his best friends during the pandemic called “Meet Me at Fennelly’s”, referring to a famous bar in Soho. “We came up with the name during the pandemic,” said Mr. Monaghan, who lives in Brooklyn. “Faneley’s is the place we always went to, and we’ve been dreaming of when we’ll all gather there again.”

When their friends Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer (both on the thread) published a book called “How to Live with Objects” in November 2022, the authors included the group’s name in the dedication. “Thank you to our Fennelly chat, which provided a steady stream of memes, gossip, and other distractions, as well as what felt like an eternity of encouragement,” he wrote.

Choosing a meaningful group chat name can be an easy way to please participants. “I smile every time I see my name, which is a lot because this group chat goes on all day,” Ms. Kozich said.

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