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Where did Musk and Zuckerberg go at once? Tal Vez No Si Broma

On June 1st, I’m going to tell you Elon Musk Desafira A Mark Zuckerberg En las redes sociales a “una pelia en joulaDana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), received a text message.

Era Zuckerberg, director ajecutivo de meta, quien le preguntaba a white, director de la competencia de artes martial mixtas mas importante del mundo – que se pele en octagonos con forma de joula – si musque hablaba en serio sobre la pele.

White Lama and Musk, who directed Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX, and confirmed that it is a warrior. Message sent by Zuckerberg. In response, Zuckerberg made public on Instagram: “Enviame Ubicación”, a reference to a reference message. Khabib NurmagomedovOne of the most premiere Los Atletos of the UFC.

In other words, White said, working with the Multimilonarios de la Tecnologia por seprado para organizer el enfrentemiento. I was called for a telephone conversation on July 27, “before 12:45 p.m.” and Anadio: “Embos quieren hasarlo”.

I think just a week ago two parts of Los Hombres promoting a single era in Ricos del Mundo were reconsidered on social media.

White Dijo said in the last days, Musk and Zuckerberg, talking about acccessors, want to enter Bastidores and give Poco an uphill fighting chance. If you have no guarantee that you are leaving a cabo la pelia, this is the normal course of action to be sure, confirm White and tell three people about the conversation.

While Senlo Que La Pelia de Exhibition and Quadería Fuera de los Acuerdos de Derecos and La Jurisdiction Official of UFC, Aunque Il Eudaria a Producer El Evento. White and a Persona familiar, conversation hints that the technology is linked to the Accord, which includes a component of Philantropia, and more than one description. To get priority access to the Las Vegas Cerreia, you need to check with the Atlética office in Nevada. El Juves, Musk Tuiteo I have learned of an incident at the Coliseo Romano.

In general, friends and buddies of Zuckerberg have accepted his work, another person who has been distracted for more than a week and has not had enough to make up for his time. A person who thinks of Kasturi, once he has gone out of his country and does not remain in the discipline for regular admission, cannot demand anything from his companion.

Between Musk, age 52, and Zuckerberg, age 39, Adelant’s partner, a globalized technology industry aficionado, joins the fray. The uncle of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates said, “I have encountered a controversy, which is really related to technology. Join the Multimillionario fans of Los Yates As are Larry Ellison of Oracle and Hasso Plattner of SAP.

¿Pero dos titanes de la tecnologia multimilonarios palendos, golpendos y patendos en un estadio de las vegas o en Roma? I still want to sleep.

Another commenter before meta. Kasturi did not request a comment.

Much time has passed, Zuckerberg and Musk are resting among the competitors, Aminemigos and Absolutos. Ambos made an important critique in Los Enos Largo, about the events between SpaceX and Musk. Enhanced Data Privacy Ann Meta y Mas. Here’s Poco, Zuckerberg earns over one crore A competitor for Musk from TwitterCuo nombre en codigo es proyecto 92.

If you’re a competitor, I think the white color tends to differentiate you from the multimillionarios. Musk, who weighed 31 kg more than Zuckerberg at the age of 13, grew in price. In order to normalize competition for peso, in official MMA bouts.

“I’ve had the chance to work professionally and I’ve got to be in completely different categories,” White said. Sin Embargo, “Huge achievement in the history of Los Deportes de Combat”, comment.

Zuckerberg is particularly familiar with the UFC. By the last date of 18 months, a ban was imposed on an individual para gunner mass muscular You are working hard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, if you want to participate in a competition, you can compete with your opponent in UFC the day before.

In 2021, Zuckerberg began a penchant for diversion, primarily in a garage, where he built a “miniacademia” that entered a circle. I think Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires “100 percent in concentration” and we are interested in making a choice at a strong point.

Zuckerberg specialized in martial arts, including Dave Camarillo, James Terry, and Khai Wu. n myo, participate in a public martial arts competition One Redwood City, California, has a huge time left for a moment and it’s already been a while to try to sleep through the night. Get medals for Ouro and Plata en la Contenda.

A year ago, it was announced that Horizon has tied up with the UFC association to mix martial arts fighting in the Worlds Use Virtual Application.

White Dijo que Zuckerberg Estaba Realty Dedicado al Deporte.

“They’ve started working with Zuckerberg,” he said. “There is nothing here bromas o que estémos bromando y riendo”. Dijo que el jefe ejecutivo de meta era “Totalamente serio todo el tiempo”.

It’s likely that Zuckerberg is up for a job. Ha seguido un astricto regimen de entrenmiento, corriendo y retando a amigos y colegas a batir sus tiempos, seguen dos personas serqueñas a l. and more, share personal records Full reto “Murph”, To engage in a chain and to take possession of, various kilometers and to complete your mission to Centadillas.

“The Practitioner reports you just need attention, so, it’s really important for my mental health and for me to be able to focus and do the one thing you want to do”, she said in a recent episode. podcast,

oysters, por otro lado, Tuiteo Que “casi nanca” hes ejercisio y una vez Evidence of a wound in Espalda You need to take part in a fascinating exhibition in sumo. el mes pasado Dijo I got admission in judo, kyokushin (o) full contact)”, Dos Artes Martiales Japonesas, and en “Pelias Callejeras Sin Reglas”.

“Musque lo dejo muy claro: ‘No voy a perder peso'”, Dijo white sobre la estrategia de musque para el possible enfrentemiento. And you also have to say: “¿Vamos a Pellier or no Vamos a Pellier?”.

Last week, Lex Friedman, the podcast’s creator, posted photos with Musk for fun. Friedman, when he spoke about Zuckerberg, did not seek a response for comment.

I don’t have one person I want carrying a cabo la pele: May musque, la madre de musque.

“¡No fomenten está pelia!”, Tuiteo Hes poco, junto con dos emojis frunciendo el seño.

Ryan Mack is a technology reporter focusing on the world technology sector. The 2020 premiere of George Polk is available on Facebook and Facebook in Los Angeles. @RMac18

Mike Isaac is technology reporter and author Batala for Uber: An ambitious plan, which produces an inventory for mass sale, moves dramatically and provides the company with the means to transport the money. regularly clicked on Facebook and Silicon Valley, and for more than a week at the San Francisco Del Times office. @mikeissac , Facebook

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