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New X Sign on Twitters Headquarters

New X Sign on Twitters Headquarters

Hey there! So, here’s the scoop: Twitter, right? They recently put up this big “X” sign on their San Francisco headquarters, and guess what? The city’s not too thrilled about it. They’re giving Twitter the side-eye because it seems the sign didn’t get the proper permits it needed. Oops!

According to Patrick Hannan from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, they need a building permit to make sure the sign won’t crash down and that it’s all installed safely. Seems legit, right? But wait, there’s more – they also need a nod of approval for the whole sign setup. So, yeah, they need to check it all out before Twitter can just do its thing.

Now, an inspector hopped over to Twitter HQ last Friday to drop the bomb – they’re in trouble for breaking the rules, and they wanted to peek at that roof to inspect the sign. The city filed a complaint about it too, just to make it official.

But hold up, Twitter’s response was kinda interesting. They told the inspector, “Nah, this is just a temporary lighted sign for an event.” A bit cheeky, huh?

Inspectors weren’t giving up that easily. They tried again on Saturday to check out the rooftop, but Twitter’s folks shut them down, saying, “Access denied!” That’s some dedication to their sign.

Now, what’s Twitter got to say about all this drama? Well, as of Sunday, they’ve been pretty tight-lipped, not responding to requests for comments. Guess they’re keeping their cards close to their chest.

And to add a little more spice to the story, Matt Dorsey, the District 6 supervisor in charge of that part of the city, had something to say. He kinda called Twitter out for being a bit “adversarial.” Ouch. He’s hoping they’ll change their tune and maybe work things out with the city.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t Twitter’s first rodeo when it comes to sign trouble. Not too long ago, the San Francisco police stepped in when they tried to remove their iconic bird logo from the building. Apparently, they didn’t do a great job of taping off the area to keep pedestrians safe. Safety first, right? So, another complaint went in, and soon after, the “X” sign popped up.

So, that’s the story – Twitter’s “X” sign causing some city commotion, and it looks like it’s not the first time they’ve tangled with the city over signage. Let’s see how this all pans out!
Absolutely, let’s keep this story rolling in plain English.

So, as it turns out, Twitter’s got a bit of a history when it comes to their signs and the city of San Francisco. This latest “X” sign fiasco is just the most recent chapter in their signage saga.

What’s interesting here is that this “X” sign popped up right after they tried to remove their iconic bird logo from the building. That’s a big move, and it caught the attention of the San Francisco police. They were like, “Whoa, slow down there!” The police said the workers didn’t do a great job taping off the area to keep pedestrians safe in case anything decided to take a dive.

So, another complaint got filed about that incident. It’s like a sign soap opera in the city!

Now, what’s Matt Dorsey, the District 6 supervisor, got to say about all this? Well, he’s not too thrilled with Twitter’s “adversarial posture,” which basically means he thinks they’re not playing nice. He’s hoping they can all sit down, have a chat, and work things out. He even offered an “olive branch” to Twitter, saying, “Hey, let’s figure this out and be pals.” Seems like he’s all about finding that middle ground.

You know, it’s not just about the sign – it’s also about relationships. The city wants to be buddies with a big employer like Twitter, and Twitter might just need to play ball to make it happen.

So, that’s the latest from the city by the bay – Twitter’s “X” sign causing a stir, and city officials hoping they can all be friends in the end. Stay tuned for more drama in the world of signs and symbols!

Certainly! It seems like you want to create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article. Here’s an example of how you can structure such an article with some common questions and answers:

Title: “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Understanding the ‘X’ Sign Controversy at Twitter HQ”

Curious about the ‘X’ sign controversy at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters? We’ve got you covered. This FAQ guide will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about this intriguing situation.

1. What is the ‘X’ sign at Twitter HQ all about?
– The ‘X’ sign at Twitter HQ is part of the company’s rebranding efforts. It’s a large sign that has been installed on their headquarters building.

2. Why is the ‘X’ sign causing controversy?
– The ‘X’ sign is under investigation by the city because it was installed without the proper permits. The city requires a building permit to ensure structural safety and planning review for installations like this.

3. What permits were needed for the ‘X’ sign?
– To install the ‘X’ sign, Twitter needed a building permit to ensure structural integrity and safety. Planning review and approval were also required for this installation.

4. What happened when an inspector visited Twitter HQ?
– An inspector visited Twitter HQ to notify the company that they were in violation of permit requirements and requested access to the roof to inspect the sign. The city filed a complaint to make it official.

5. Why did Twitter representatives call the ‘X’ sign a “temporary lighted sign for an event”?
– Twitter’s response to the inspector’s visit was that the sign was a temporary one intended for an event. This explanation may have been their way of justifying its presence.

6. Why did inspectors attempt to access the roof a second time?
– After their first visit, inspectors made a second attempt to access the roof to inspect the sign, but they were denied access again by Twitter’s tenant. This shows the city’s commitment to addressing the issue.

7. Has Twitter responded to these allegations?
– As of Sunday, Twitter had not responded to requests for comment, keeping their stance on the issue relatively quiet.

8. Who is Matt Dorsey, and what did he say about the situation?
– Matt Dorsey is the District 6 supervisor representing the area where Twitter HQ is located. He expressed his hope that Twitter would change its stance, calling them out for an “adversarial posture,” and extending an “olive branch” to work together with the city.

9. Is this the first time Twitter has had issues with signage in San Francisco?
– No, this isn’t the first time. Previously, San Francisco police intervened when Twitter tried to remove their iconic bird logo from the building due to safety concerns. This incident also led to a complaint filed with the city.

– The ‘X’ sign controversy at Twitter HQ is creating quite a buzz in San Francisco. It’s not just about a sign; it’s also about the relationship between a tech giant and the city. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story.

Feel free to add more questions and answers as needed or tailor them to the specific details of the ‘X’ sign controversy at Twitter HQ.



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