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Stocks making the biggest moves midday

Stocks making the biggest moves midday

Media and Studio Stocks Shine Amidst Writer Strike
Media and Studio Stocks Shine Amidst Writer Strike

In the ever-evolving world of finance, stock markets react to a multitude of factors, and one such variable is the performance of companies in various sectors. Today, we dive into the headlines of midday trading, shedding light on the remarkable developments across different industries.

The Impact of the Writer Strike on Media Stocks

The entertainment industry recently witnessed a significant event—the end of a nearly 150-day writer strike. As a result, several media and studio stocks experienced substantial increases in their market values.

Warner Bros. Discovery Soars

Warner Bros. Discovery’s stock price soared, gaining more than 2.5% following the resolution of the writer strike. This surge is indicative of renewed investor confidence in the company’s content production capabilities.

Paramount Global’s Rise

Paramount Global also experienced a notable uptick, with its stock price climbing over 2.5%. The return to normalcy in the production of entertainment content is good news for the media conglomerate.

Comcast’s Modest Gain

Comcast, a major player in the media and telecommunications industry, added 0.9% to its stock value. The end of the strike likely contributed to this modest gain.

Disney’s Steady Performance

Disney, a household name in the world of entertainment, maintained its position, hovering near the flatline. While it did not experience a substantial surge, the stability in its stock price is a positive sign for the company.

Netflix’s Slight Increase

Netflix, a dominant player in the streaming industry, inched up by 0.3%. The writer strike’s conclusion appears to have had a minor impact on the streaming giant’s stock performance.

MillerKnoll’s Remarkable Surge

MillerKnoll, a leading furniture manufacturer, achieved an astonishing 27% increase in its stock price. This impressive surge followed the release of its fiscal 2024 first-quarter earnings report, which exceeded Wall Street’s expectations.

Strong Q1 Earnings and Guidance

MillerKnoll’s exceptional performance can be attributed to its robust first-quarter earnings, which surpassed the estimates. The company also raised its earnings guidance for the full year. It now anticipates earnings per share to range between $1.85 and $2.15, an upgrade from its previous guidance of $1.70 to $2.00 per share.

ChargePoint and Blink Charging Rally

In the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector, ChargePoint and Blink Charging gained 4.1% and 5.5%, respectively. The surge in their stock prices followed UBS’s initiation of coverage with buy ratings for both companies.

UBS Initiates Coverage with Buy Ratings

UBS, a renowned financial institution, initiated coverage of ChargePoint and Blink Charging, expressing confidence in their ability to capitalize on the accelerating adoption of electric vehicles. This move by UBS further bolsters the prospects of these charging companies.

Costco’s Fourth-Quarter Earnings

Costco, the popular wholesale superstore, recorded a 2.1% increase in its stock price following a fourth-quarter earnings beat. Costco’s management noted higher store traffic and an 8% uptick in memberships year-over-year.

Higher Store Traffic and Membership Growth

The surge in Costco’s stock can be attributed to its impressive fourth-quarter performance. The company’s executives highlighted increased foot traffic in their stores and a substantial growth in memberships compared to the previous year.

XPO’s Upgrade to Outperform

XPO, a logistics and transportation solutions provider, witnessed a 2% rise in its stock price. This increase followed an upgrade to an “outperform” rating by Evercore ISI. Analyst Jonathan Chappell emphasized the company’s potential for margin growth and increased pricing power.

Margin Growth Potential

The upgrade to an “outperform” rating signifies XPO’s ability to improve its profitability and increase its pricing power in the market.

Mattel’s Positive Outlook

Mattel, a renowned toymaker, experienced a stock price increase of over 4% after Morgan Stanley initiated coverage with an “overweight” rating. The investment firm anticipates that Mattel will see growth in both sales and margins in the third and fourth quarters, attributed in part to the success of the Barbie movie.

Morgan Stanley’s Overweight Rating

Morgan Stanley’s optimistic “overweight” rating reflects its confidence in Mattel’s future performance, expecting positive outcomes in terms of both sales and profitability.

Amazon Faces FTC Antitrust Suit

However, not all companies experienced positive developments. Amazon, the e-commerce and technology giant, saw its shares fall by 1% one day after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an anticipated antitrust suit against the company. This legal action had a significant impact on Amazon’s stock price, causing it to drop by 4% the day prior.

Impact on Amazon’s Stock

The antitrust suit brought by the FTC has led to a decrease in Amazon’s stock price. The legal proceedings and their outcome will be closely watched by investors and industry analysts.

Levi Strauss & Co.’s Performance

Levi Strauss & Co., a well-known apparel manufacturer, added 1.2% to its stock price after TD Cowen initiated coverage with an “outperform” rating. The firm’s positive outlook for Levi’s suggests that the company is in the early stages of a favorable denim cycle.

TD Cowen’s Outperform Rating

TD Cowen’s “outperform” rating indicates the firm’s confidence in Levi Strauss & Co.’s ability to capitalize on favorable market conditions.

Guardant Health’s Promising Future

Guardant Health, an oncology company, experienced a 5.6% increase in its stock price after Piper Sandler upgraded it to an “overweight” rating from a neutral rating. The recent sell-off in the company’s stock is viewed as a compelling opportunity for investors.

Piper Sandler’s Upgrade to Overweight

Piper Sandler’s upgrade to “overweight” reflects optimism about Guardant Health’s future prospects

, highlighting the potential for substantial growth and success in the near future.

AAR Corp’s Strong Earnings Report

AAR Corp, a company specializing in aircraft services, witnessed a 2.3% rise in its stock price after releasing its quarterly earnings report. In the first quarter of the 2024 fiscal year, AAR Corp exceeded analyst forecasts on earnings and revenue, reporting an impressive $550 million in quarterly sales, marking a remarkable 23% increase from the prior year.

Quarterly Sales and Earnings Beat

AAR Corp’s impressive earnings report underscores its ability to perform exceptionally well in a competitive market. The company’s strong financial performance and substantial sales growth are noteworthy achievements that have been recognized by investors.

Kosmos Energy’s Stock Surge

Kosmos Energy, an upstream oil company, experienced a surge of over 6% following Bank of America’s upgrade from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating. Bank of America’s analysis suggests that Kosmos Energy’s current valuation presents an attractive opportunity for investors, further boosting the company’s stock performance.

Bank of America’s Buy Rating

Bank of America’s “buy” rating indicates its belief in the potential of Kosmos Energy as an investment. The company’s current valuation and growth prospects align with the positive sentiment from financial experts.


In this dynamic landscape of stock markets, we have witnessed a range of reactions to significant events affecting various industries. The end of a 150-day writer strike has breathed new life into media and studio stocks, while exceptional earnings reports and positive outlooks have propelled other companies to new heights. However, it’s essential to note that not all companies experienced growth, as Amazon faced a legal challenge with the FTC’s antitrust suit.

Investors and industry observers continue to monitor these developments closely, recognizing the significance of these events in shaping the future of these companies and their impact on the broader financial markets.


1. What is the writer strike and how did it impact media stocks?
– The writer strike was a nearly 150-day labor dispute in the entertainment industry. Its resolution led to significant increases in the stock prices of media and studio companies.

2. Why did MillerKnoll’s stock surge, and what are its earnings expectations?
– MillerKnoll’s stock surged due to exceptional fiscal 2024 first-quarter earnings that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. The company also raised its earnings guidance, anticipating earnings per share between $1.85 and $2.15.

3. What prompted UBS to initiate coverage with buy ratings for ChargePoint and Blink Charging?
– UBS initiated coverage with buy ratings for these electric vehicle charging companies, expressing confidence in their potential to benefit from the increasing adoption of electric vehicles.

4. How did Amazon’s stock perform after the FTC’s antitrust suit?
– Amazon’s stock fell by 1% following the FTC’s antitrust suit, which had a significant impact on its stock price, causing a 4% drop the day prior.

5. Why did Levi Strauss & Co. receive an “outperform” rating from TD Cowen?
– TD Cowen initiated coverage with an “outperform” rating for Levi Strauss & Co., indicating the belief that the company is in the early stages of a favorable denim cycle, which bodes well for its future performance.

These events and developments serve as a reminder of the constant flux in the world of finance and the importance of staying informed to make informed investment decisions. Each company’s journey in the stock market reflects its unique strengths and challenges, shaping the financial landscape one trade at a time.

Certainly, here are five unique FAQs that complement the article:


1. What Are the Key Factors Influencing Stock Market Performance During Significant Events Like the Writer Strike?
– The stock market can be influenced by various factors during significant events. In the case of the writer strike, factors such as investor sentiment, market expectations, and the financial health of affected companies play a crucial role in determining stock performance.

2. Why Did MillerKnoll Experience Such a Remarkable Surge in Its Stock Price After Releasing Earnings Reports?
– MillerKnoll’s stock surge can be attributed to its impressive fiscal 2024 first-quarter earnings that exceeded expectations. Additionally, the company’s decision to raise its earnings guidance for the full year showcased a strong financial outlook, further boosting investor confidence.

3. How Do Analyst Ratings, Such as “Overweight” and “Buy,” Influence Investor Sentiment and Stock Performance?
– Analyst ratings like “overweight” and “buy” can have a significant impact on investor sentiment and stock performance. These ratings indicate a positive outlook for the company, potentially attracting more investors and increasing demand for the stock.

4. What Is the Significance of the FTC’s Antitrust Suit Against Amazon for the Broader E-commerce Industry?
– The FTC’s antitrust suit against Amazon is a critical development with implications for the entire e-commerce industry. It raises questions about competition, market dominance, and regulatory actions, which could influence how other tech giants are viewed and regulated.

5. Why Did Guardant Health Receive an Upgrade to “Overweight,” and What Does This Mean for Investors?
– Guardant Health’s upgrade to an “overweight” rating indicates a positive outlook for the company. This upgrade suggests that despite recent stock price fluctuations, there is potential for substantial growth in the future, making it an attractive investment opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on this potential.

These FAQs provide valuable insights into the article’s topics and address common questions that readers might have, enhancing the overall understanding of the subject matter.

Stocks making the biggest moves midday

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